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We are PPW. Digitally active as an internet agency since 2003 and based in Cologne and Münster.

To conceive, design and develop a new website is a big task? That's right! But this is exactly what we do for you as an internet agency with great passion and expertise. So that you can relax - and so can your website users.

Digital products with usability

Whether Internet or Intranet, web application or app - a good online experience with digital products means: they work reliably, make searching and finding easier and are easy to use. A good digital product is therefore not noticed at first. They are usable and useful. They have good usability. But that is by no means enough for us as an internet agency!

UX consulting & conception

We want even more for your internet projects: They should make the life of the users easier, they should exceed expectations, they should be fun! That's why the user experience for your web project is so important to us. We listen to you, ask questions, think along, fiddle about.


Not all usability is the same. For people with disabilities, digital products often have smaller or larger obstacles. Accessibility is mandatory for public institutions and is also coming into focus for private companies. We implement WCAG requirements and make websites accessible for everyone.

TYPO3 Development & Hosting

On top of that, we are not only an experienced internet agency, but also provide you with digital full service: We are a TYPO3 Silver Member, have a good command of WordPress or can advise you on other content management systems. If you wish, we can also take care of web hosting.

Are you looking for an agency for your TYPO3 website?

Trust in 17 years of certified TYPO3 experience and concept-strong experts.


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Münster location

What does a digital agency do?

A digital agency supports as a service provider in the establishment and implementation of a digital strategy. In the past and also nowadays - in some cases - a digital strategy has only a communicative character. In recent years, however, it has touched almost all other areas of a company, from product management, marketing and sales to customer service, in addition to PR and communication. It thus significantly supports the core of an organisation's overall orientation. Some business models have become largely or fully digitalised, while other business models continue to operate offline, yet benefit significantly from digital marketing.

The digital playing field is growing from year to year and so today there are a variety of orientations within the digital agency spectrum. The classic digital agency probably does not exist. Rather, one encounters specialisations in apps, augmented reality, content marketing, e-commerce, user experience design, social media and influencer marketing, SEO, SEA, performance marketing, internet and web, digital workplace, big data and several more.

The term full-service agency should be used with caution given the diversity of these disciplines. At PPW, we have our expertise in internet and web as well as digital workplace. With our hello x brand, we are experts in user experience design at our location in Münster and design digital solutions for our clients.

What is the process for creating a new website?

Even though every digital project is unique, there is a common thread that runs through the entire development time of a new website. For us, this thread looks like this:

1. Getting to know each other: like everywhere else, the chemistry has to be right 😊.

2. Kick-off workshop: "All hands on deck." All project stakeholders come together and determine the direction of the journey and their roles in the project team. The first strategic requirements and goals are gathered.

3. Rough conception: Our UX specialists are called upon. Based on the requirements and further customer and user input, the rough concept is created, which describes the essential architecture of the new website.

4. Fine conception: UX designers and web designers coordinate their work. The screen design is created. Usability is worked out.

5. Development: coding time. Front-end and back-end specialists implement the design and functions of the website, e.g. with the TYPO3 CMS.

6. Going live: the big day. Our Dev-Ops specialists ensure a smooth deployment - usually to the server managed by PPW.

7. Support: After the launch is before the optimisation. We host your project and thus ensure long-term security and provide the contact persons for all matters. We also keep an eye on further developments in terms of content or functionality. Our project management team remains your direct contact for all issues relating to your new website.

How long does it take to develop a new website?

The crucial question for every digital project 😊. Let's start with a time frame: 2-8 months. The rule for our projects: 3-4 months. However, correctly specifying the duration is an equation with many variables. Such as: Scope or complexity of the new website, existence of the required content (text, image), approval processes on the client side (agile decision-making team vs. multiple decision-making levels), binding nature of the decisions made in each phase.

You see: The ball is not only on our side here. However, we can provide a realistic estimate with the start of the project so that you can name a resilient go-live date in your communication.

What does it cost to have a website created by a web agency?

It is absolutely clear that, in addition to the question about the duration of the website development, the sum under the offer is also decisive. However, since we do not deliver a website off the peg, there is also no price catalogue. Your end result is individually tailored to your needs and your organisation. A quick solution for a microsite for your product launch, the annual report, the online campaign can already be created in a few working days, whereas the conception and realisation of a complex website with many sections, subpages and different functions can also go into the range of 100 person days of effort and more.

We will provide you with a transparent offer with a detailed breakdown of the costs per task area for website development.

What services do I have to provide as a client when developing my corporate website?

Anyone who promises you that you, as the client, can sit back and relax while the agency implements the project can either read all your thoughts at all times, or they are fibbing here. The fact is that a good result will be achieved in the end if you and your project team also work very closely with us in the conception phase and get involved in the workshops that we structure methodically. Who knows your customers better than you? Who knows your products or services better than you? Who knows better about the company history than you? Who knows more about career opportunities in your company than you? In addition, there will be 2-3 release rounds in the project where your project team's feedback is requested.

Can you provide us with the required texts and sufficient high-resolution image material at the start of the project? Perfect. Still missing some content and a picture here and there? No problem. If required, we can supply stock photo material to match the overall appearance, organise a business shoot on site or supply search engine-optimised texts. If you wish, we can also take care of site building - i.e. filling all the pages in the new website. All these services are listed separately in our overall offer (see previous question regarding costs).

What information is needed for the design of my website?

We are very inquisitive. Just like your target groups. That's why we take their perspective at the beginning of the conception, in order to look at you and your services with all the questions, concerns and problems of your users. The purpose of this method is user-centred design. Or formulated differently: It is about creating a digital offer that your potential customers and interested parties can intuitively understand and use. Sounds logical, but at the end of the day it's not always trivial. Therefore, we first have to get to know and understand your target groups.

The better our understanding of your users, the more suitable your website will be for them. Of course, we then need to know everything about your products and offers. In the end, it's about how we can bring both - users and offers - together digitally in the best possible way, so that we do justice to you, your company or your brand, and your users.

Why is PPW the right internet agency for my website project?

As the PPW Internet agency, we have been working every day since 2003 to realise complex digital projects. We are not only programmers, but also digital consultants and strategists. We have implemented websites, intranet solutions, apps and other digital applications for customers from a wide range of industries, public clients as well as private companies, and have been supporting them for many years. In addition to our consulting experience and our high level of technical competence, we are characterised by our conceptual strength, which we have established with hello x as our own UX division at the Münster location. In order to be able to provide our customers with reliable support in the areas of maintenance, website performance, updates and security, our experienced cloud hosting team offers personal service, taking into account pagespeed and performance as well as current data protection regulations.