The proximity principle.

Michael Pietz

Managing Director

Accompany customers in partnership, holistically and over many years. Some call this full service, we call it proximity.


With soon 20 years of industry knowledge and Internet expertise, we are very close to the task at hand: to the task, to web and app, to the user. Your project team works together in one room - multidisciplinary and directly on the solution. We are regularly with you - and you with us, during the project and after the launch.

The principle of effect.

Oliver Schirok

Senior concept developer

We put the customer's viewpoint at the center of conception and solution. The users decide what is useful and usable for them. Therefore we ask and question.


We think ourselves pure and think along with you - in the project. With a common project understanding we can develop the right ideas. When we bring together business interests, brand experience, expert knowledge and user needs, holistic solutions are created that inspire people and brand alike..

The principle of movement.

Guido Berghoff

Senior Project Manager

Projects are in motion every day. We develop and reject, we think and do. This has proven itself, is great fun and is successful!


With agile project methodology, we effectively advance your solution - you get results early, we can learn and improve together. Step by step our joint project develops in the right direction, with low risk and high quality in solution and process.