Our new agency everyday life in times of Corona

Dear customers, partners and friends of the PPW agency, dear visitors of our website,

we would like to take this opportunity to inform you how we continue to work and advance digital projects in times of a worldwide pandemic.

Since the majority of our staff currently work in a decentralised home office, our head office is sometimes only accessible to a limited extent by telephone. Please contact us by e-mail at post(at)ppw.de, by using our contact form or directly by phone at the extension of your contact person. All telephone extensions are forwarded to the mobile offices.

Here is a chronological list of the news from the agency - all about the new remote working:

Our newsletter of 26 May 2020

10 weeks later. How we keep in touch in contactless times.

The PPW team has been in the home office for ten weeks. A lot of time, which has left no trace on any of us. But we are looking confidently to the next weeks and months, planning our summer holidays and from June the first days in the office, because the measures in Germany are having a positive effect. Gradual loosening brings back a little normality: let's call it "the new normality". After all, hygiene measures, spitting protection walls and distance rules will accompany us for a while.

Away from the melancholy about the missing coffee snack, Monday's Bundesliga review as well as the lunch break with colleagues, after ten weeks we can draw a clear conclusion about remote work: It works.

In our blog post The New Agency Life with Remote Work (German), we reported on why productivity and communication do not decline at our agency. It goes without saying that our perception is through the filter of the digital agency.

How we continue to work with our customers 

The last few weeks have shown that communication with our customers via digital channels also works very well. Leaving aside frozen webcam images and accidentally switched off microphones (also stupid: accidentally switched on microphones), many a remote work newcomer has been enthusiastic about how effectively projects are completed even without an on-site appointment.

At the same time we feel: Especially when you have not known each other so well or for a long time, there is no substitute for a direct look in the eye. Even the liveliness of a real conversation cannot be 100% achieved by video conferencing. For this reason we now offer both:

Via Microsoft Teams, Jitsi, Zoom or TeamViewer we arrange a video conference with you. Via Miro we can work together on digital whiteboards in real time.

We have given our meeting room a Corona upgrade. Well ventilated, with sufficient space and the new Plexiglas partition wall, we should be sitting opposite each other protected.

Our newsletter from 09. April 2020

The new agency life with remote work

After almost four weeks in the home office with all colleagues, we draw a short interim conclusion. What is the mood among the colleagues? How do we continue to work on our projects and how do we communicate?

To the PPW Blog   (German)

Our newsletter of 18 March 2020

We are keeping the virus on hold. Digitally, we stay closer to you.

In times of global corona crisis, lack of immunity and lack of vaccines, staying away is the most effective prevention. So far, no cases have occurred in our agency environment. Nevertheless, we see it as our responsibility to keep the increase in infections as low as possible, also by passing them on unnoticed.

In our new agency everyday life tools such as Rocket.Chat or Microsoft Teams help us to communicate in real time and to hold flexible meetings. The plan is to communicate more with each other rather than too little in order to counteract any ice floe feeling that may arise. A look at the "activity stream" of our ticketing system Jira also helps us to feel closer to our colleagues again.

In a blog post we present some solutions that can also help you to keep your business running despite social distance. We are now also making increased use of some of these tools in our communication with customers in order to compensate for personal meetings in the best possible way. Whether video conferencing, screen sharing or work administration - the Digital Workplace is quickly set up.

If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them as usual by phone or e-mail. Our telephones are redirected to the home offices and we hold the digital position for you.

I wish you all the best, keep your distance and stay healthy!

Best regards
Michael Pietz

Our blog post of 17 March 2020

Communication and collaboration tools

In our blog post we present some tools that allow remote working quickly with little onboarding effort and ensure that even in times of crisis communication can be done quickly both internally and externally.

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