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The microcosmic of a company is always changing, has its own dynamics and differs from partly unspecific target groups in the world wide web. Your corporate design, your business objectives and communication structures - we find all of this exciting. Especially when we can advise you and develop and design your intranet.

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The global corona pandemic has accelerated digital change like never before. To enable you to manage your organization effectively even in times of contact restrictions and decentralized teamwork, we have created a quick-start kit in the form of connect.

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Intranet then and now

Experience from our intranet agency

Ten years ago, social and professional exchange was not yet a topic of high importance in intranet applications. However, it has been shown that companies create significant added value and appreciation for their employees through transparent communication and work facilitation.

Today, digital networking is indispensable. It goes without saying that applications familiar from social networks also ensure better exchange and networking of employees in social intranets. Functions such as the evaluation, sharing and securing of knowledge are now virtually standard.


Challenge Social Intranet

Dialogical exchange in real time - this is also the tool of choice in companies. This is more or less the reverse of the usual top-down information policy of intranets. In most cases, this means rethinking in the management team, because a feedback culture - in real time - needs to be learned and managed. Therefore, it is important for us as an intranet agency and as your consultant to get everyone on board - from management to employees - before the introduction of a new social intranet.

There is sometimes a gap between the wishes and requirements of employees and the company's managers. We see ourselves as a bridge in the conception phase. It often turns out that both sides want something similar. We help you to sort out the different, perhaps initially unstructured needs and navigate your company to your useful and sustainable Social Intranet.

Social Intranet - consulting, workshops & conception


The following questions help us to understand your corporate and communication culture:

  • What are the costs and benefits of a new intranet?
  • How can we involve the different stakeholders in your company in the design process?
  • To what extent is a new culture of feedback and communication desired?
  • Which paths are currently being chosen? Which information architecture will make sense in the future?
  • What do the processes and workflows in your company look like?
  • Which services and contents are already well used, which are missing or badly found?
  • With which other modules could your goals be achieved?
  • How can editorial responsibility be distributed?

Intranet concepts: How to use an intranet successfully

As in some things in life, it is not enough to provide a great system with sophisticated functions. For us as your intranet agency, this means first getting to know your company with its values, communication processes and workflows. Stakeholders from within the company must also be involved. After all, if committed employees can help improve and develop the intranet, this shows appreciation, motivates employees and often helps to come up with constructive and practical suggestions. In order to design an intranet that meets the company's goals and also the employees' needs, we use proven and effective methods in workshops.

  • Workshops with representatives from the target groups or departments
  • Design Thinking Method
  • Personas & Case Studies
  • Card Sorting
  • Employee survey
  • Paper prototyping
  • Analysis of visitor numbers


Active use of the intranet: Acceptance comes before everyday life

Employees should actively use the intranet in their daily business. Sometimes this is not successful. In the end, it is the great art of bringing your intranet to life. Your employees are the catalyst. We know the stumbling blocks and help you make your intranet a success.

Which CMS for your intranet?

The question often arises at the very beginning as to which technical system the new intranet should run with. Generally, our intranet concepts can be implemented with many content management systems or portal solutions. TYPO3, Sharepoint, but also the portal software Intrexx provide good possibilities for integrating an intranet into existing system landscapes. Since we are not only an intranet agency in a consultative and conceptual sense, but can also implement intranet projects technically with partners, we would be happy to present to you the advantages and disadvantages of possible CMS or portal software.


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