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From Intranet to Digital Workplace

Some people may think of the term intranet as a lifeless document repository. Today, there is much talk of the Digital Workplace. So old wine in new bottles? The definition of the Digital Workplace goes far beyond that of the Intranet. On the one hand, the Digital Workplace comprises a multitude of other data and software systems that originate from the most diverse data pools. These data are bundled in one place via a central platform or interfaces. The Digital Workplace thus becomes a comprehensive location where all information and tools are available specifically for the individual employee.

On the other hand, the Digital Workplace essentially stands for the contemporary and efficient collaboration of teams, whether departmental or project-related. While the classic intranet was still based on the one-to-many communication principle, today's digital workplace also provides for one-to-one or many-to-many communication - in other words, all those forms of information exchange that are familiar from e-mails and messaging (one-to-one) or from social networks, forums or blogs (many-to-many). This is where the term social intranet comes from. It is a fact that entrepreneurs who want to build on digitisation cannot avoid the foundation of a digitised workplace.

ISIFIVE and PPW - Intranet conception and realisation from one source

With our partner ISIFIVE we offer an all-round service for the digitalisation of your working environment.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the conception of user-centred digital applications and our knowledge of the complexity of change processes and the optional support from our change partner conversio, we are experienced in cross-sector strategic consulting for a wide range of digital projects.

ISIFIVE is a certified Intrexx partner and specialises in the technical realisation of individual requirement profiles. Whether intranet, extranet, or social collaboration - the variability of the Intrexx platform allows you to find digital solutions that fit your needs perfectly.


How to make the Digital Workplace Launch a success?

Every company ticks differently. Not only the technical requirements and the degree of digitisation are always different. Above all, the individual user needs of an organisation, its departments and its employees must be taken into account. Because only when all user groups are taken on board from the outset will the design of a Digital Workplace solution fully meet the complex corporate requirements and be a success.

Indispensable for effective coordination: A small project team with the necessary time resources is needed to manage the design and implementation in cooperation with the service provider.

But after successful implementation, the target line has not yet been reached. Now it is important to anchor the newly created technology in the minds of all employees. This is primarily a matter for the management and middle management, who must actively exemplify the new working methods. At the same time, training, incentive systems, multipliers and other solutions help to promote acceptance and the willingness to deal with unfamiliar systems.

Social Intranet - consulting, workshops & conception - we are happy to help you with this. 

The advantages of the Digital Workplace

  • Decoupling: work independent of place and time
  • Security: Secure paths to all information and processes
  • Knowledge building: Information is shared quickly and directly
  • Integration: combination of all software instances on one system
  • Employer Branding: Increase in employee satisfaction
Logo Intrexx

Intrexx - The Digital Workplace Platform

Intrexx is the platform for a customised digital workplace, consisting of the four pillars: Intranet, Extranet, Social Collaboration or Industry 4.0.

One platform - individual adaptability

Intrexx is a platform for a customised digital workplace. The software not only offers solutions for communication and processes within the company. Rather, Intrexx integrates all applications and IT systems for customers, suppliers, and other partners of the organization. Intrexx unites the worlds of Intranet, Extranet, Social Collaboration, and Industry 4.0. into a digital workplace.

Intranet vs. Extranet

While processes, documents and knowledge are made available within the company via intranet in such a way that they can be accessed and edited by all employees on the basis of rights, an extranet offers the possibility of data exchange with suppliers and customers. This enables fast and secure communication with business partners. In addition to the stronger partnership ties via such a B2B portal, the greatest advantages of an extranet solution are above all the reduction of costs and time.

Chatting at work

The aspect of social collaboration refers to the internal communication of a company and offers an uncomplicated exchange across departmental boundaries by means of news streams à la Facebook and Twitter as well as chat rooms and 1:1 messaging and of course through 100% smartphone integration. This can ensure that communication takes place even faster than with normal e-mail traffic and sometimes makes entire meetings superfluous.

New opportunities through industry 4.0

What was defined as Industry 4.0 means the digitisation of the entire value chain. It brings together all the data from the purchase of raw materials to special requests from a customer. Customers can be included in production processes, data sheets can be provided, machine logbooks can be linked and B2B shops can be integrated. For industrial companies this means, among other things, an immense increase in automation, self-optimisation and the acquisition of additional data.

Reasons for a Digital Workplace

Summarised: The Digital Workplace brings all internal and external stakeholders closer together, no matter when or from where they work. Data is available at all times and required knowledge can be obtained in shorter ways. Production processes are accelerated. The newly emerging communication within the company contributes to the satisfaction of its employees*.

*Vgl. Attaran, Mohsen & Attaran, Sharmin & Kirkland, Diane. (2019). Die Notwendigkeit eines digitalen Arbeitsplatzes: Steigerung der Produktivität der Arbeitskräfte im Informationszeitalter. Internationale Zeitschrift für Unternehmensinformationssysteme.

Kissmer, Tobias & Knoll, Julian & Stieglitz, Stefan & Groß, Rainer. (2018). Erwartungen von Wissensarbeitern an einen digitalen Arbeitsplatz.

What functions does Intrexx offer?

Intrexx provides solutions for every need. Whether document handling, human resources management, accounting solutions, quality management, or even a football betting game: the applications meet almost all requirements. And if not, they can be adapted accordingly..

  • Application Management
  • Picture galleries
  • Blog
  • Bundesliga betting game
  • CRM
  • Documents
  • Document Management
  • FAQ
  • Forum
  • Calendar
  • Newsletter
  • Pinboard
  • Project Management
  • Quality Management
  • Room or vehicle fleet management
  • Audit of accounts   
  • Application for travel expenses
  • notice board
  • Search functions with Solr
  • Phone book
  • Survey
  • Holiday application
  • weblog
  • Wiki
  • Knowledge base

Content-Management-System für Intrexx

Are you already an Intrexx user? Good news: ISIFIVE has developed its own Intrexx application, the Content Management System, which is based on a modular system that enables the rapid publication of text, images, and video in a responsive design - naturally including a rights concept for editors. Installation support, webinars and layout adaptations are optionally available for this.

CMS 100 in the Intrexx Application Store

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