App development for iOS & Android

App development for iOS & Android

App development for mobile touchpoints

App development at PPW. As a digital agency, we plan and develop mobile touchpoints where users can get in touch with your company. Also in the form of iOS and Android apps for tablets and smartphones. Our app concepts are tailored to the needs of app users. In the end, your app should not be a copy of your website, but must convince in a different way. We show you how.

Mobile first: The smartphone in the fast lane

App development for mobile devices is important. The smartphone has become the number one for B2C communication. More than 80% of private communication via social media and messengers is done via mobile "always-on" devices.

The smartphone has also rapidly gained momentum in B2B business. Buyers and customers no longer evaluate a company only in a sector comparison. Instead, subjective perception plays an increasingly important role in the digital customer experience (user experience). And here, every website, app and other digital touchpoint suddenly competes with every other digital experience your potential customer has had before.

This experience begins with a Google search, which is also B2B via the service cell phone, continues with click-to-call links on the mobile website or is deepened in the download of the own smartphone app.

Hybrid vs. native apps

In the early days of mobile app development, nobody could get past native apps. Platform-specific apps were developed for iOS and Android. Especially when it comes to uncompromisingly good graphical performance and speed, native apps are still the tool of choice for demanding app projects. Apps - especially paid ones - are therefore usually based on special app technology for maximum performance and an uncompromising user experience.

However, hybrid apps are often preferred today. In comparison to native apps, these are characterized by significantly lower development efforts and costs, while at the same time almost matching their native colleagues in terms of performance and device access.

Features of hybrid apps

  • are based on web technologies like JavaScript, CSS and HTML
  • run on all platforms and devices and still offer a look and feel comparable to native apps
  • allow access to device functions such as GPS and position sensors like native apps
  • can be used offline (in contrast to classic, mobile websites)
  • enable cost-effective development and maintenance

What we offer you:

  • UX / UI design of web and hybrid apps
  • interface design
  • API interface programming
  • Geo-Location
  • Push notifications
  • ...and whatever you want from us

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