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Website relaunch: Which website for your goals?

It is not always easy to know exactly what kind of web presence your company needs. If we have not yet tackled these questions together: Here you can get some inspiration!

This is how it looks like:
Over a billion websites are fighting for our attention. The demands on usability, UX and design of digital contact points are increasing - but the patience of users with poorly usable websites is waning. Some sites convince with beauty and good usability. Other sites are a true El Dorado for information-hungry users, while others captivate with their simple simplicity.

The solution:
No matter how you want your website to be: For everything digital, we develop a strategy with well thought-out usability and user experience design, with up-to-date technology, a lot of experience and skill! 
And of course we not only develop (naturally responsive) websites, but also the appropriate app to go with them. 

App development for Android & iOS

Corporate Websites: Create trust

Analysis, conception, design and programming - our daily agency business. Corporate websites are one of the top disciplines in web conception. Essential for every web project, but even more essential is the understanding of the company values, its corporate design, the exploration of user needs, customer journeys and user experiences. Landing pages, links from social media or personal recommendations turn every subpage of a website into a potential entrance door. Our concept developers have always kept this in mind.

Then it is "form follows function". This is where corporate design has to be skilfully applied. Its task is to convey your corporate values in a visually consistent manner, both analog and digital. Typography, corporate color, logo - our UX designers translate your corporate image into digital. Since a website often speaks a different language than the print design, we make sure that your corporate design also has an effect online.

You do not have a uniform corporate design yet? Then we can help you to work out your brand core, its visualization and logo development. Because as you now know, we are not just simple website developers on call, but above all creative and strategic people who know how to create trust with your corporate design.

Even within the company organization you should show your employees trust, transparency and appreciation.

We would also be happy to advise you on your intranet project. 

Examples for corporate websites

Maintain your image, even digitally!

Smaller web projects like image pages are always welcome. These can be pages for individuals, law firms or practices. They are naturally not as extensive as corporate websites. Often we implement these websites with WordPress. This is cost-effective, usually faster - and chic!

Even if they are small: Image pages are thought through by our conceptors and styled by our UX designers with the same passion as large web projects!

Examples for image pages

Landing pages convince briefly and concisely

A concrete search in a search engine - a concrete answer to the question. Ideally from your landing page. It is considered a strongly focusing marketing and sales tool. 

But what makes the landing page different from a microsite? 
The landing page is integrated into the corporate website and tries to convince with its reduced offer. Ideally, it should look like this: little and clear information, at best supplemented by emotional images - or a video - and a call to action. Visually adapted to the corporate design, their relation to the brand is obvious. For simple target conversions such as newsletter subscriptions, downloads or even simple product purchases, landing pages can be helpful. 

Examples for Landing Pages

Steering the focus with microsites

You want to introduce a new product or start a campaign? Then do not distract your users!

With a microsite you only display what belongs to the topic area. Microsites usually explain on a few pages and with few links what it's all about. In terms of content, but also visually, the microsite can differ from the corporate website. In contrast to these, microsites do not aim to depict the entire company with its complex structures and offerings. The focus is therefore on what you want to bring closer to your users. If the microsite also cleverly interacts with the awareness of your main brand, you have achieved your goal. 

Examples for Microsites

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