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Are you looking for an experienced agency to manage your current TYPO3 project? Have you decided on TYPO3 as the CMS solution for your new web project or are you considering this CMS? Then you've come to the right place.

Whether you're a TYPO3 CMS Certified Editor, TYPO3 CMS Certified Developer or TYPO3 CMS Certified Integrator: our TYPO3 agency in Cologne + Münster is staffed by professionals who, just like the popular Content Management System, are committed to continuous development. At regular events and workshops, such as the TYPO3 Developer Days or TYPO3 Camps, they keep our TYPO3 developers fit, get to know the latest features first, and exchange ideas with other experts. With every relaunch, our certified specialists take a close look at all the technical aspects of your new website or intranet. Whether it's a brand new TYPO3 site, a new TYPO3 version, or an upgrade to the latest TYPO3 version or extension.

By the way, we are a TYPO3 Silver Member, which means that our agency is committed to the future of TYPO3 and is constantly acquiring new know-how for our team and our clients.

Good reasons for TYPO3 and the TYPO3 Agency PPW

Why TYPO3?

  • Mature: with over 500,000 installed instances and more than 15 years of market experience, TYPO3 is an established Content Management System.
  • Extensible: Over 1,500 extensions allow you to quickly adapt your web project to the desired functions.
  • Affordable: TYPO3 is an Open Source CMS - which means it is free of license fees.
  • User-friendly: Simple Backend access, including a role system and user-friendly editor functionality, fulfills a wide range of requirements for a versatile CMS.

Why PPW as TYPO3 Agency?

  • Experienced: For soon 20 years, practically since TYPO3 was in its infancy, we as a TYPO3 agency have been relying on the variable CMS.
  • Tried and tested: We have successfully (re-)launched around 200 TYPO3-based web projects, extended them over the years and adapted them to today's requirements.
  • Tested: We rely on certified developers who have mastered the full TYPO3 repertoire.
  • Up-to-date: the digital industry is spinning at an incredible speed. That's why we constantly invest in the further training of our TYPO3 team - whether it be Developer Days, TYPO3 Camps or CertiFUNcation.


Excellent TYPO3 performance

At the TYPO3 Conference 2018 we received two TYPO3 Awards. Our realization of the Red Dot Website was awarded in the two categories "Best Website of the year" and "Best Enterprise Website of the year".

View Award Blogpost (German)

TYPO3 Agency Cologne + Münster: What we do


Responsive website, intranet or microsite: With TYPO3 you get optimal usability for every web project. In addition, through SEO-friendly implementation, we help your site achieve the best possible search engine rankings.

TYPO3 Managed Cloud Hosting

Host your web project securely with PPW Managed Cloud Services! This is full service on our part, so you can relax and devote yourself to your other projects.

TYPO3 trainings

Of course we will train you and provide you with individual manuals. After all, we (meaning you and us!) don't want our valuable strategic considerations and customized design to fade away in everyday life.

TYPO3 Extension Programming

We plan and program individual, custom-fit solutions for your project. Of course, based on current web standards and quality guidelines.

You want to be able to rely on your TYPO3 system? With pleasure. With our software maintenance contract.

  • Secure and up-to-date - we control your TYPO3 system
    We proactively notify you when you need a new security update, and we do so promptly.
  • Reliable - you receive the latest TYPO3 version with long-term support 
    We also maintain your TYPO3 extensions and components (currently TYPO3 8 LTS).
  • Connectivity - link software from your IT landscape
    We develop interfaces through which your TYPO3 system runs smoothly with your other programs.
  • Communication is everything - that's why we stay in touch with you
    With conference calls and our practical ticket system.

The generations of TYPO3 CMS

TYPO3 Version 9

TYPO3 version 9, which was launched at the end of 2018, promised a number of innovations:

  • Frontend Editing for editors: a great added value for editors is the practical editing via the Frontend. This eliminates the need to search through the TYPO3 Backend. The content can be created or altered quite simply at the appropriate place in the Frontend. A big plus for employees who look after the content of the websites!
  • Speaking URLs: Previously they had to be created using the realurl extension. Now the Core System of TYPO3 Version 9 takes over this function, making it independent of updates.
  • Tool for Redirects: This is also integrated into the new Site Management main module. In future this will act as the hub for all configuration and admin tasks such as languages, domains and routing. 
  • Multilanguage pages: A button controls whether translated content is created as a copy or a link.
  • Upgrades: An extension scanner will simplify major upgrades such as from version 8 to version 9.
  • Extensions for marketing are planned. In addition to the WordPress module "Yoast SEO", which can be integrated since 2017, there will apparently be other helpful tools for SEO and marketing purposes.

This means that the 9th version of TYPO3 could provide helpful tools not only for developers, but also for users from marketing and content departments.

According to the official TYPO3 roadmap, extended support is guaranteed until the end of Q3 2024.

TYPO3 Version 10

TYPO v10 launched in April 2020 and its regular maintenance phase ends in October 2021, with paid Extended Support ending 4.5 years later in March 2026.

New features include:

  • Improved redirect handling: detection of incorrect redirects or automated 301 for slug adjustments.
  • Tag attribute rel="noopener noreferrer" to improve the security of all links
  • New form assistant "form-Extension" - editors also benefit from this feature.
  • Link validation - also practical for TYPO3 editors
  • LazyLoading (especially a pagespeed- and SEO-relevant feature)
  • General performance improvements in the form of caching optimisations
  • Optional: Dashboards for backend users (information about logins, errors, TYPO3 news)
  • SEO page tree overview with all page titles and meta descriptions, etc.
  • Telephone number linking via new tab in the link browser (for direct calls by click from the browser)

TYPO3 Version 11

The official LTS release of TYPO v11.5 is in October 2021. With priority bug fixes, the version will run for 3 years from then on and is only compatible with the latest version PHP 8.

Newly added features for backend users include

  • Optional multi-level authentication for backend login (2FA)
  • Additional options for variable settings of the backend user interface
  • Improved accessibility (keyboard usability)
  • Easier handling of deep links (sharing with other users becomes easier)

TYPO3 Versions with Long Term Support (LTS)

TYPO3 Versions Timeline

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