Google raus: Mozilla goes Yahoo

Täglich Tech-News. Die heutige aus der Welt der Browser und Suchmaschinen: Mozilla wird die Partnerschaft mit Google als Standardsuchmaschine in den USA nicht mehr verlängern  und stattdessen mit Yahoo kooperieren. Was ist davon zu halten? Peter Moore arbeitet als Release Engineer bei Mozilla Corporation. Bei ihm habe ich heute die Stimmung ausgelotet.


Pete, you are working for Mozilla. Hot off the press today is news that Mozilla Firefox will be switching its default search engine from Google to Yahoo next year. May I ask you some questions about it?

Peter Moore:

Sure, go ahead!


What do think about that news?

Peter Moore:

I think for most it is a surprising, and perhaps counterintuitive move, which may spark a negative reaction initially: but I believe as the situation evolves, the partnership between Yahoo and Mozilla will ultimately benefit Mozilla users and be received well. I think as Google’s dominance grows, and users become increasingly concerned with Google’s market domination, and their tracking of user data, that for many they will be comfortable having Yahoo as a default search engine, where tracking can be disabled. What Mozilla cares about is putting the user in control, and keeping the internet open and safe. Choosing Yahoo as the default search engine is aligned with keeping the user’s data safe, and allowing users to select other search engines such as Google search, is also aligned with enabling user choice and freedom.

The main topic that will interest users is the overall quality of the Yahoo search, compared to Google search. Personally I have not been using Yahoo search, so I do not have subjective experience to share on this. I do believe Mozilla would not have made this choice if they did not anticipate a world class service. I would expect to see improvements over time in the service as a result of this partnership.


What is the atmosphere like today in Mozilla?

Peter Moore:

This morning I arrived to a flurry of chatter. In the (European) night, the staff also received the announcement, and our inboxes were brimming with announcements, responses, and meeting invitations on the topic. We are all in the process of forming opinions on the topic. I received this link from one staff member, which I found very helpful:


Nice article. So will Firefox users migrate to Chrome?

Peter Moore:

No doubt, this is a risk. Although Firefox users may switch back to Google, we may lose some users.


Was it also a decision about reducing dependency on Google?

Peter Moore:                 

Mozilla is a charity. This charity was set up to put users in control of the internet, rather than corporations. To protect the internet, keep it safe and secure, keep standards open, and to avoid that the internet becomes subject to corporate control. Being dependent on Google would be a dangerous situation for Mozilla to be in, in light of its mission. Reduced dependency on Google could be seen as a positive side effect of this change.


And you are now discussing that stuff with your colleagues?

Peter Moore:

Many of my colleagues are in the US, having had rather a late evening. I’m looking forward to speaking to them later today when they come online! We’ve had quite an eventful year, and this is yet another topic for active discussion.


Then I wish you a nice afternoon with your colleagues, and thank you very much for your quick response!